Karen Petit

“What miracles they are, these paws on our hearts.”

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Dear Readers,


My greatest joy is talking to children and adults about my love for writing and the wonderful adventures that I’ve had since a dog named Ivy came into my life and led me to create the “Shandon’s Ivy League” Mystery Series.


Adopting Ivy changed my life. This wonderful canine inspired the “Shandon’s Ivy League” Mystery Series and helped me find the story – or stories – that I was meant to write. Along the way, she healed my heart during a time that was turbulent and sad. How many people can say that a dog helped them find their creative bone?


But then, Ivy wasn’t just any dog. She was my Guardian Angel, companion, friend, muse, and partner in crime, so to speak! Since the publication of The Mystery of the Screecher Creature in November 2006, I have enjoyed sharing my Ivy stories with people around the United States.


Each mystery book is tested on creative writing students at Hand Middle School in Columbia, South Carolina. Students give me their “polishes and praises,” and their ideas and suggestions have made me a better writer. I wouldn’t dare release a book into the world now without their valuable insight!


After Ivy’s death, I adopted Louise, an AKC-registered beauty that had landed at a poodle rescue organization. Louise is adorable, sweet and mischievous! She makes her debut as an occasional character in the series in Book 4, The Mystery of the Circus Curse.


I’d love to share Ivy’s inspirational story to children at your school or to women’s groups, animal rescue organizations, or social, business, professional or church groups. Just call or email me!


All paws ahead!


Karen Petit




Photo by Becky Rickenbaker